Messe Erfurt accepts its corporate responsibility for sustainability in the planning and hosting of events and throughout the entire process. The Congress Centre and all halls are multi-purpose, and have been designed with ecology and the economy in mind.

Messe Erfurt makes every effort to ensure that all aspects of trade shows are sustainable, from organisation, booth construction, and accompanying events to show traffic and energy consumption.

Our sustainable activities are divided into six main areas:

  • Energy and buildings
  • Mobility
  • Quality and safety
  • Purchasing and catering
  • Social issues and health
  • Resource conservation

Messe Erfurt has a detailed package of measures in this context, which sets out planned actions and actions that have already been implemented.


Messe Erfurt has been involved in regional environmental initiatives for many years, and also has the international Green Globe certification, so it can guarantee that trade shows, conferences, concerts and events will use resources efficiently.


Green Globe

Messe Erfurt has been involved in regional environmental initiatives for many years, and also has the international Green Globe certification, so it can guarantee that trade shows, conferences, concerts and events will use resources efficiently ‒ not least due to its 100 per cent green electricity.

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Ecology in practice: Thanks to the support of the Thuringia Beekeepers’ Association, the roof of Messe Erfurt is now home to five colonies of bees in hives. These produce a total of 125 kg of honey a year, presented in small jars as a reminder of the centre’s commitment to sustainability. Erfurter Messegold honey was awarded the Geprüfte Qualität aus Thüringen [Approved Thuringia Quality] seal on 10 November 2013.

So we are officially Friends of Thuringian Bees! The Bee Plaque is the Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment’s way of recognising residents and businesses that make special efforts to protect bees and other pollinating insects.

Green Meeting

Messe Erfurt is establishing itself as a climate-neutral venue, holding climate-neutral events and providing customers with comprehensive support with organising sustainable events.

This includes, for example:

  • Offset payments for CO2 emissions
  • Regional, vegetarian, vegan and organic catering
  • Sustainable catering with water jugs and Fair Trade food
  • Paperless meetings

Read more about “Sustainable Conferences” here:

atmosfair for your Green Meeting

Messe Erfurt’s offset payments for event-related CO2 emissions are calculated and arranged by its Berlin-based partner atmosfair.

Customers who are keen to host an environmentally-friendly event can thus:

  • access relevant consultancy
  • book Green Meeting packages
  • calculate and make offset payments for CO2 emissions using a CO2 events calculator

Go green for your event

On average, two thirds of the total CO2 emitted during an event is the result of participants/visitors travelling to and from the venue. Messe Erfurt’s primary aim is to ensure that all customer journeys are zero-carbon.

show and local transport tickets include free use of city rail and bus services. These services are provided in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn and Erfurt Transport Services (EVAG). Alternative mobility solutions such as car sharing and bicycle hire services are constantly under review. EVAG tickets for the Erfurt area are available for Messe Erfurt employees travelling on business.

Messe Erfurt GmbH is also committed to electromobility. Further information is available here»

NAT Thüringia

Messe Erfurt meets the criteria of the agreement and has been participating successfully for many years. Participation was reconfirmed in May 2021.

The sustainability agreement is intended to make and improve the economic development of Thuringia in a sustainable manner. In addition to environmental protection, "NAT" focuses in particular on the social/social pillar of sustainability.

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Messe Erfurt actively supports the German-speaking events industry’s “rightandfair” sustainability code and follows its corporate responsibility guidelines on sustainability when organising and running events. “rightandfair” is an initiative of the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) and the German Convention Bureau (GCB).


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Tips for our visitors

Here are a few suggestions for how you can support Messe Erfurt’s efforts:


You can help: reduce rubbish
Please sort your rubbish correctly!

Did you know that using recycled materials reduces CO2 emissions, air pollution, water pollution and water consumption?

You can help: reduce CO2

Travel by bus or rail, or car share!

Did you know that you can get from Anger to Messe Erfurt in just 10 minutes on the tram?

You can help: conserve resources
Only use as much paper as you need!

Did you know that approximately 2.2 kg of wood is required to produce 1 kg of paper? (Source: Initiative200plus, Federal Environment Agency)

Where do you actually come from,
our food?

Conscious decisions require background knowledge. 
Read more about organic in Thuringia.

Pay your parking fee online.

Dear visitors,

A new payment system is now available at the trade fair car parks. Please feel free to pay your parking fee


or at the pay machines on site.