Admission and safety instructions

Important admission and safety instructions for events and concerts

Dear visitors,

The safety of our visitors is very important to us. We have therefore decided, in consultation with our organisers, to take special preventive measures. Please note the following information about concerts and events at Messe Erfurt. By reading this information, you are helping us to minimise the amount of time spent on admission checks and to reduce admission times.

Admission to public events usually begins 1.5 hours before the start of the event or concert. Please plan to arrive at Messe Erfurt in good time as there will be extensive admission checks, some of which will include a body check.

Please only bring essential items with you.

We strongly recommend that you refrain from bringing bags, rucksacks or suitcases, as well as bulky items such as helmets or umbrellas, which are not absolutely necessary. We offer some paid storage facilities for bags and rucksacks. These facilities are limited in capacity.

Help the security staff to do their job and limit what you bring to the event to the most essential items (wallets, mobile phones, keys, medication, small cosmetic bags) to minimise the checks which are necessary during the admission process. Handbags/bags up to a maximum of A4 size and, in special cases, only up to a maximum of A5 size are permitted after a bag inspection.  

Carrying weapons, objects similar to weapons or objects associated with an increased safety risk is strictly prohibited. Glass and plastic bottles are classified as a safety risk (projectile) and may not be carried.

You may not bring professional video and photo cameras or food and drink into the hall.

Please also observe the Messe Erfurt site rules, which are available for you to download.

House rules of Messe Erfurt as PDF

Many thanks for your support!
The Messe Erfurt team

Pay your parking fee online.

Dear visitors,

A new payment system is now available at the trade fair car parks. Please feel free to pay your parking fee


or at the pay machines on site.