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Admission and safety rules

Important admission and safety rules for events and concerts

Dear Visitors,

Ensuring the safety of our visitors is our foremost concern. For this reason, we have decided to implement special preventative measures in consultation with our event organisers. Please observe the following rules for concerts and events at Messe Erfurt. By doing so, you help us to minimise the workload and costs associated with security checks and shorten admission times.

Admission to public events usually begins 1.5 hours before the start of the event or concert. Please plan to arrive at Messe Erfurt in good time as there will be extensive security checks, which may include a body search.

We strongly recommend that you leave bags, backpacks or suitcases, and any bulky items such as helmets or umbrellas, behind unless they are absolutely necessary. We have a limited number of paid storage spaces available for bags and backpacks.

To make our security staff’s work easier and minimise the costs associated with security checks, please only bring those items with you that are absolutely necessary (wallets, mobile phones, keys, medication, small cosmetic bags). Bags / Women’s handbags measuring up to A4 size, or in some cases only up to A5 size, are allowed after inspection.

Carrying weapons, weapon-like items or items that present an increased security risk is strictly prohibited. Glass and plastic bottles are classified as a security risk (as they might be used as projectiles) and may not be brought in.

Professional video and camera equipment and food and beverages are not permitted in the hall.

Please also observe the Messe Erfurt Site Regulations.

Thank you very much for your support! 
Your Messe Erfurt      




Please note our admission and safety rules for events and concerts!
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